How To Incorporate 2024’s Colours Of The Year In Your Kitchen

By Caitlin Jones

5 minute read

2024’s Colour of the Year from Dulux was revealed as ‘Sweet Embrace’ – a muted, earthy shade of pink, followed closely by Pantones Colour of the Year ‘Peach Fuzz’ which is as it sounds - a peachy apricot shade. Add to this John Lewis’ focus on Damson for furniture and home accessories and 2024 is set to be the year of cosseting shades.

Read on to discover how you can introduce 2024’s “it” colours, Sweet Embrace and Peach Fuzz, to your kitchen.

On the walls

Both Sweet Embrace and Peach Fuzz make a wonderful background colour; inducing comfort and optimism, while teaming perfectly with a whole host of other colours.

This soft Sweet Embrace inspired hue serves as the perfect backdrop to our Jasper range in this custom carmine shade.

On the right, Dulux’s calming Sweet Embrace is shown to pair well with new and vintage finishes. On the left, Earthborn’s pink and peachy hues, Lady Bug and Peachy Baby, blend perfectly to create an elegant finish.

Blush Laminate Splashback.

For a subtle pop of these new shades, why not introduce a Blush or Earthenware splashback.

Paint your existing cabinets

If your kitchen is looking tired, why not spruce it up with a wonderful new shade. When planning a kitchen from scratch, our team can show you how certain colours will look with personal CAD drawings before you commit.

Peach Fuzz sings on our Vard range, strikingly contrasted with black hardware and appliances.

Add tones with tiles

If a pink kitchen is not your style, why not subtly bring in the colour in the wall or floor tiles? It’s a stylish way to create a pleasing colour scheme and could be teamed with one of our pastel coloured kitchens such as Eden or Sage, or a neutral finish, such as Chalk, for a cleaner look.

Lava Pink tiles by Baked Tiles have a tonal variation so they offer a wonderful undulating effect.

Baked Tiles Marrakesh Terracotta Brick Dark Matt.

Add Sweet Embrace with accessories

It’s always nice to upgrade your small appliances, so why not choose pink as an accent colour? It’s a way of bringing in the colour to see if you like it, before committing to a whole room. Or choose tableware or tea towels as a less expensive option.

Cuisinart Style Collection Vintage Rose Kettle and Toaster.

Tea towels, JYSK.

Niels mugs, JYSK.

Introduce Sweet Embrace with furniture

If you have an open-plan kitchen, why not include a pink sofa? It will add softness and give a cocooning feel. Alternatively, add pink throws and cushions as an accent shade to neutral furniture or in-build kitchen seating.

Linje range in Oak and Doll

Loaf Squisharoo sofa. A compact design ideal for an open-plan kitchen living room.

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