Kitchen Features That Can Add Value To Your Home

By Caitlin Jones

3 minute read

Everyone dreams of a gorgeous kitchen. Not only is it widely regarded as the heart of the home, Check A Trade say it is estimated that you can add up to 12% of your home’s value by upgrading the kitchen.

At Smile Kitchens, we pride ourselves on providing quality kitchens at a reasonable price, with kitchens starting from as little as £1,697. When it comes to your next big kitchen project, here’s some of the things to keep in mind that could make a difference to the value.

Get the right layout

An efficient kitchen is all-important, so think about the layout. Does it flow well? Is everything within easy reach? The classic working triangle of sink, fridge and cooker is often the goal, so if your kitchen doesn’t follow this arrangement, it’s a good idea to think about reconfiguring the layout if it could be more efficient. Bear in mind all kitchen cabinets and appliances should be fully accessible without drawers and doors crashing into one another.

Vard range in Eden

Upgrade the kitchen cabinets

The cabinets are the first thing you see, so make sure they are clean and stylish. If they are dated, or have just seen better days, think about fitting new door fronts. The carcasses of most kitchen cabinets are usually pretty sturdy so it can be a simple matter of replacing the doors for a brand-new look. No matter how big or small the changes are, our expert design team can help.

Include a kitchen island

Kitchen islands are still one of the most desired features in a home from clients here at Smile Kitchens thanks to the wow factor they bring. Even a small island will change the look of the kitchen and offer more preparation space, storage and somewhere to sit.

Hampton range in Spring & Chalk

Replace the worktops

If the worktops are stained, damaged, or just old-fashioned, replacing them can have a huge impact, especially in a bigger kitchen. Perhaps now is the time to upgrade from laminate to stone or composite to increase longevity and durability. If you are on a budget, maybe just change the worksurface on the island for a focal point. 

Vard range in Juniper

Update the appliances

Co-ordinated, modern appliances will make your kitchen look polished and well thought out. Matching appliances also create a contemporary, streamlined look and they don’t have to cost a fortune. Check out the range of stylish, contemporary and energy efficient appliances at where they offer an exclusive 10% discount to Smile Kitchens customers. 

Vard range in Moon & Onyx

Essential storage

You can never have too much storage, so if there is an unused corner or if it’s possible to alter the layout, include a larder unit, or invest in pan drawers. Or it might just be that the insides of the cupboards need to be better organised, so think about carousel units or pull-out shelves. Even the smallest of spaces can be utilised to give you better storage. Check out our blog on storage here.

The importance of lighting

Is your kitchen lighting all it could be? Now that our kitchens are multi-functional – being used for cooking, as a home office, for homework, and for dining and entertaining, we need a mixture of task lighting, background lighting and accent lighting for the best overall result. Install under cabinet lighting and consider adding statement lighting above a kitchen island for instant glamour. 

Check out David Village Lighting for functional and stylish lighting, and enjoy 20% off as a Smile Kitchens customer.

Update the tiling

Dated tiles are an instant turn off. Adding new tiles will make a huge difference to the overall look of the kitchen and they aren’t too difficult to replace with something more contemporary. For the best results, always use a professional, they will be able to work around the existing kitchen without causing damage.

Check out Baked Tiles for 15% off their incredible range of tiles.

Change the sink

Ceramic sinks can become stained over time and stainless steel can scratch, so think about buying a new sink and even upgrading the taps too. Either choose a more contemporary design or maybe spring for a hot water tap to fully future proof your kitchen and add value.

Add a lick of paint

Tired or stained walls can make the kitchen look shabby, so a fresh coat of paint is an easy, and inexpensive update that goes a long way to making the space feel polished. Choose a colour that compliments your cabinets and adds to the overall feel, something harmonious and uplifting that enhances the other features in the room. Light, soft colours are often the best for selling a house as neutral shades allow potential buyers (if you’re planning to sell) to imagine putting their own stamp on the room.

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What are the potential challenges or drawbacks of integrating these features into a kitchen renovation?

While incorporating these features into your kitchen renovation can significantly enhance your home’s value, it’s essential to be aware of potential challenges or drawbacks. Factors like space constraints, installation complexities, and maintenance requirements may need to be addressed during the planning phase. Our team is here to guide you through any hurdles, ensuring a smooth and successful renovation process.

Book a design consultation to find how you can take your kitchen design to the next level and add value to your property.