Door Mounted Bins

Our eco waste bins are available in a range of sizes. They feature a sturdy metal shelf above the bin to store your bin bags or other cleaning materials.

400 Pull Out Bin 64L

Size: 400mm

450 Pull Out Bin 70L

Size: 450mm

500 Pull Out Bin 70L

Size: 500mm

600 Pull Out Bin 80L

Size: 600mm

600 Pull Out Bin 86L

Size: 600mm

Pull Out Storage

Being clever with your layout means using all of the space available to you, a great way to do that is to have smaller base and tall cabinets. By incorporating our pull out solutions means that even with a smaller cabinet you still have ease of access and can see what you have stored.

Slimline Base Pull Out

Size: 150mm

Base Pull Out

Size: 300mm

Pull Out Larder

Size: 300mm, 400mm

Larder Storage

Our storage solutions bring the contents of your larder out to you so that you can clearly see and get to whatever you are looking for. No more reaching to the back for that rarely opened jar or tip-toeing to see what is on the top shelf.

Internal Larder Drawers

Size: 300mm, 400mm, 500mm, 600mm

Le Mans Corner Larder

Unit Size: 1000mm
Door Size: 500mm, 600mm

Pull Out Larder

Size: 300mm

Tandem Solo Larder

Size: 500mm, 600mm

Tandem Larder

Size: 500, 600mm

Butlers Pantry

Size: 1000mm

Bifold Dresser

Size: 1000mm

Combi Lifestyle Larder

Size: 1000mm

Cleaning Utility Lifestyle Larder

Size: 1000mm

Corner Storage

To use every inch of the space available in your kitchen, can mean that certain corners need a little extra thought. We have some amazing solutions that can be added into your corner cabinets making it easy for you to access.

Le Mans

Unit Size: 1000mm
Door Size: 500mm, 600mm

Corner Optimiser

Unit Size: 800mm, 900mm, 1000mm
Door Size: 400mm, 450mm, 500mm, 600mm

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