10 Must-Have Kitchen Storage Ideas

By Sarah-Jane Root

3 minute read

‘Kitchen Storage Ideas’ is one of the most searched for terms, trending on TikTok with a whopping 504.5M views! At Smile Kitchens, we can show you how to get the most out of every inch of your kitchen with some practical and stylish storage solutions.

Luxurious larder units

If you have the space, a tall, pull-out larder unit is one of the best investments you can make in the kitchen. Place it at the end of a run of units and fill with dry goods, oil bottles and condiments for quick access. 

Pull-Out Narrow larder

Our Pull-Out Narrow larder units are magically space saving – once you start using it, you will wonder how you ever managed without it.

Le Mans Larder

Our Le Mans Larder is a larger corner unit and such a versatile piece. With a bottom section of 4 carousel shelves that pull out, with some at chest height for ease with fixed shelves above for small appliances, storage or items that aren’t often used.

Tandem Solo Larder

Our Tandem Solo Larder unit is the ultimate storage solution. A 600mm wide, tall unit with wire pull-out shelves in the cabinet. This should take care of all your dry goods storage – and some. 

Corner carousel and pull-out wire shelves

A firm favourite with everyone is corner carousel shelves that fit neatly under the worksurface. Great for storing small appliances, and pots and pans whilst keeping them easily accessible. 

Fnissa Range in Duke.

Here, the Fnissa features storage combining carousel shelves in the corner with a set of pull-out wire shelves in the adjoining cupboard for dry goods, condiments, oils etc. all within easy reach of the hob for cooking.

Storage is about more than just storing! It should make your kitchen more efficient and suited to your lifestyle. Something as simple as investing in smaller storage baskets to keep everything neat and tidy – and easy to find– can make using your kitchen a more joyful experience. 

Pan drawers with utensil insert

Choose deep pan drawers to make life simple. Pans and lids can be stacked neatly, and you can see the pan you want at a glance, saving time

Here there is a narrower drawer at the top for utensils, so everything is at hand for cooking. You could have matching drawers on the other side of the oven for symmetry and a more pleasing design. 

Hampton Range in Chalk.

Stylish wall storage

Install wall cabinets for storage and to add a design feature in the kitchen. These reeded glass door fronts are bang on trend and create a contrast to the dark units. Include lighting for a touch of drama, which gives a warm glow in the evening. Stack with china, but keep it neat. The aperture beneath also provides extra preparation space. 

Linje Range in Charcoal & Onyx.

Hidden storage

Bench seating doubles up as storage too. Creating a bench seat that backs onto the kitchen is a great idea for a crowd and works especially well for children. 

Here a narrow, L-shaped, kitchen island has the bench builtin, which not only helps to zone the dining area, but by including drawers beneath, it also becomes extra storage and a natural part of the overall design. 

Vard Range in Doll.

Open shelving

For an informal look, instead of wall cabinets consider open shelves. Chunky wooden shelves like these give a country feel to the kitchen and make it feel more open. Choose pretty accessories to display and it also becomes an intentional piece of art. Running low on wall space? Consider hanging shelving from the ceiling for an industrial look. 

Corner optimiser

A new take on an old friend, this corner optimiser brings the carousel unit up to date. Square shelf units sit side by side when the cabinet is closed, then pull one out, and then the other, everything is easy to see and within reach. So neat!

Make the most of small spaces

No matter how small the space, there is a use for it! Even a sliver of space can be made into something useful. 

Our pull-out towel rail and storage shelf is the perfect spot for tea towels, and with a shelf at the bottom, there is space for oil bottles or cleaning products too.

Explore the many types of clever storage options here.