Kitchen Trend Predictions 2024

By Sarah-Jane Root

3 minute read

Amidst a multitude of designs, finishes, colours, and innovations making their way into the market, the world of kitchens can be a challenging space to navigate. Here, we share the latest kitchen trends to note for your 2024 renovations.

VR Kitchen Shopping

Over the last three years, we have seen a surge in homeowners self-sourcing from multiple retailers, brands, and designers for their kitchens as they become more empowered to manage their renovations. At Smile Kitchens, we embrace this as an entirely virtual company that offers start-to-finish support, guidance, design, and inspiration for the kitchen. Since launching in 2020, we have served the new wave of consumers who want to do things from the comfort of their own homes by introducing digital consultations, ‘showroom in a box’ packages and even VR walk-throughs of a kitchen design.

Leende Kitchen in Clay, from £1,738

Biophilic Design is Evolving

It’s no secret that the biophilia trend has been firmly on our radars for a while now; however, as we look ahead, biophilic design is no longer simply a fascination with incorporating greenery into our homes. We’re looking to the earth for inspiration on materials, textures, and colours as we become increasingly drawn to organic textures and raw finishes to bring warmth into  our kitchens. These natural elements connect us to nature and give the heart of the home a timeless appeal. Materials such as copper, brushed brass, and wood will captivate consumers with their ability to age gracefully and develop a unique patina over time. This natural ageing process will give homes and kitchens an enduring, beautiful ambience. Not only this, but it also helps to ground the space with a sense of authenticity which connects us to sustainable and eco-friendly design choices.

Hjerte Kitchen in Spruce, from £2,125

Go Bold

Colour has been gaining momentum in our wardrobes and homes, and the kitchen is no different. We’ve seen a rise in consumers expressing themselves through bolder colour choices and increased customisation requests. Today, design priorities are there to ensure that the hub of the home goes beyond cookie-cutter designs and Instagram-inspired schemes and instead sparks joy and creativity day after day. Whether that’s a pop of colour on the island, a bold choice of artwork or vibrant wall tiles, colour plays an important role in adding your personal touch to the space.

Personalisation doesn’t just mean colour or finishing touches; cabinetry configuration is another area where consumers gain interest and increased involvement. Pull out larders, deep pan drawers, custom corner units, coffee or baking cupboards. Personalisation is about enhancing your time in the kitchen and creating a unique space.

Hampton Kitchen in Crimson, from £5,090

Open Shelving is Here to Stay

Open shelving in the kitchen has been on the rise this year. From reclaimed scaffold shelves or simple plank shelves to fitted shelves within your cabinet carcass, they’re all excellent ways of adding a sense of personalisation into what can often feel a little bare in a sea of cabinets. Layering artwork and colourful crockery, cookbooks, glassware, and plants, are all great ways to add interest and incorporate your style into the space. Not only this, but by eliminating bulky upper cabinets, open shelving can make a small kitchen appear more spacious and airier.

Fnissa Kitchen in Tusk & Onyx, from £1,920

Pink is Neutral

Consumers are becoming more open to discovering new favourites as they continue to explore different colour palettes. While deep blues and forest greens are popular choices, we expect to see more shades of pink emerge as we become more confident playing with colour. Over the last few years, plaster, millennial pink, and pastel pinks have been seen more in furniture, soft furnishings, and accessories, and now the rosy-hued trend has made its way to the kitchen as a softer alternative to the warm greiges that steadily replaced grey.

Vård Kitchen in Doll, from £3,030

Connected Kitchens

As technology advances, the concept of connected kitchens is rapidly gaining momentum. The increasing demand for convenience, efficiency, and sustainability drives technology integration in modern kitchen design. Smart appliances, voice control systems, and connected devices are no longer limited to big budgets and are becoming accessible to a broader audience.

Expect to see traditional, shaker-style kitchens seamlessly blending with the latest cutting-edge technology, from refrigerators that integrate unique temperature controls for less food wastage to more energy-efficient appliances and voice-activated assistants to control multiple kitchen functions. As the trend for connected kitchens continues to grow, we can expect more innovative and user-friendly solutions to become more readily available.