Slim Shaker Kitchens – The Hambleton Range

By Hanna Stensland-Bugge

4 minute read

Explore our brand new Hambleton range with our guide to slim shaker guide. Learn how this affordable slim shaker kitchen can transform your home with its neutral colour range and affordable price point.

Discover a world of endless potential with our Hambleton collection. This perfect blend of simplicity and timelessness, this classic shaker kitchen comes in a neutral colour palette that offers endless opportunities waiting to be transformed into any style. Comprised of six neutral colours, from light to dark shades and cool to warm hues, you have the versatility to create any foundation for your kitchen – without breaking the bank.

Hambleton in Chalk

Why Choose A Neutral Kitchen?

Neutral tones are the perfect foundation for a versatile canvas that can be tailored to any personal taste. Whether you prefer a clean and minimalistic home with white hues, muted beige tones for a soft countryside atmosphere, or dark grey for a bold look, these versatile shades give you the flexibility to create a backdrop that can adapt to your individual taste over time without going out of style.

Shaker Versus Slim Shaker Kitchens

A blend of sophistication and functionality, the slim shape of Hambleton embodies a fusion of traditional design with a contemporary flair. The slim shaker style is gaining popularity due to its modern take on the traditional shaker kitchen. Similar to the classic shaker kitchen, it has the same hallmark design elements, like the flat panels and raised edges, but with a thinner, more streamlined frame. The refined finish of the slim panels is perfect for the homeowner who wants to add a more minimalist feeling while retaining the visual contrast and dimension of the shaker style.

Affordable Price Range

One of our favourite features about this range is its superior affordability. This shaker range starts at just £2,415 and is one of our most affordable kitchen ranges. Compared to the average price range of £8,000-£24,000 for shaker kitchens, this range offers exceptional value, letting our customers achieve their dream kitchen without breaking the bank. With flexible finance options, you can also spread the costs and pay as little as £34.48 per month across a 2-10-year period.

Smooth Shaker Cabinets

These shaker cabinets feature five-piece flat centre panels and straight lines. They are completed with smooth, seamless surfaces that give a soft, minimalistic look. Adorn with our metallic long handles for a luxurious touch or simple knobs for a rustic ambience that feels cosy and welcoming.

The Hambleton doors have been foil-wrapped, sanded, and coated to create a robust, long-lasting structure. One of the main benefits of this feature is that they are not only a cost-effective alternative to solid wood shaker doors but offer exceptional resistance against damage, making them a reliable choice for a shaker kitchen that is made to last without breaking the bank.

Hambleton in Clay

Limitless Configurations

Every kitchen is unique, so our Hambleton collection can be configured to fit your specific layout and measurements. Whether you have a narrow space that calls for slim panels or a room that requires ample storage, Hambleton caters to all lifestyles. One of our favourite features in this collection is our extensive selection of storage solutions, including floor-to-ceiling larders and pantry cabinets that can be integrated into your kitchen cabinetry or stand alone as a statement piece of furniture.

Take our spacious larder pantry, which gives you the power to plan your kitchen essentials and appliances efficiently. Its adjustable workspace can be expanded to fit your needs, allowing you to transform it into a comfortable breakfast bar, neatly arrange and organise your pantry staples, or even create a cosy bar in your very own home. The endless possibilities are sure to bring excitement and functionality to your daily routine.

Unmatched Durability

One of the most important qualities of a good kitchen is the material and thickness of the kitchen cabinets. A testament to durability and resilience, Hambleton is one of our sturdiest ranges, designed to withstand even the most rigorous daily use. With a robust door thickness of 22 mm, our cabinetry exceeds the industry standard of 18 mm, so you can confidently use your kitchen space without worrying about potential damage or deterioration

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